One day National Seminar on Strengthening Teacher Education at MIER


JAMMU : A one-day national seminar on “Strengthening Teacher Education: Challenges and Strategies” was organized by MIER College of Education (Autonomous) in collaboration with the Council for Teacher Education, J&K Chapter. Prof. Ashok Aima, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jammu inaugurated the seminar which was attended by eminent educationists, high officials of CTE, researcher scholars, faculty and students from colleges and universities not only from J&K but from different parts of the country. The seminar aimed at bringing practitioners, thinkers and scholars in education on a common platform to deliberate upon different challenges that stand in the way of effective implementation of the revised and updated curriculum and to think of ways and means to strengthen the system as a whole,

thereby, improving the quality of teacher education.

Eminent Educationist and Chairman MIER Group of Institutions Dr. Arun. K Gupta in his introductory remarks welcomed the chief guest, esteemed dignitaries, keynote speakers, paper presenters & educationists from different parts of the country. While deliberating on the theme of the seminar, he said that it was too early to predict whether the modified and longer duration for the teacher training program has resulted in effectiveness and positive impact on the major stakeholders since these programs had been implemented last year only. Dr Gupta exhorted that there was a great need to strengthen the system by deliberating on the main issues and challenges which are road blockers in achieving maximum benefits from the modified curricula and share strategies and innovations for desired outcomes.

Dr. Renu Gupta, Director MIER dwelt upon the themes of the seminar which were a) challenges and areas of concern in two year teacher education programs, b) enhancing the quality of trainees and teacher educators and c) innovative practices to strengthen teacher education. The seminar was divided into sessions namely the inaugural, keynote addresses, panel discussion and paper presentations. She informed the audience that the objective of the seminar was to bring practitioners, experts, scholars and students in education on a common platform to deliberate upon different challenges that stand in the way of effective implementation of the revised and updated curriculum and to identify strategies to bring qualitative improvement in teacher education on the basis of NCTE parameters and to identify the research areas, innovations and best practices in the field of teacher education.


Dr. Adit Gupta, Jt. Director MIER warmly welcomed the keynote speaker and introduced him to the audience and dignitaries.

Keynote address on the theme ‘Strengthening Teacher Education: Challenges and Strategies’ was delivered by Prof. R.G. Kothari, Chief Advisor, Council for Teacher Education. He stressed upon the quality of teachers which to a large extent is determined by who are attracted to enter the profession and how they are trained. The community expects teachers to be sufficiently knowledgeable in what they teach and proficient in pedagogy used. He said that there is need to incorporate and sustain changes in the teacher training curriculum and implement evidence-based pedagogies into the teaching learning process which is sure to bring qualitative improvements in education at the teacher training programs. Prof. Kothari dwelt upon the ways and means through which teacher education system could be improved and bring the country at par with the global education scenario. He greatly appreciated the efforts of MIER College for providing a platform to different stakeholders to deliberate on issues and strategies to improve the quality of teacher education.

Prof. Ashok Aima, in his presidential remarks, said teacher education scenario today is a cause of serious concern. Verma Committee closely assessed the existing situation of teacher education to identify issues and concerns in addition to suggestting interventions. Current framework of teacher education program is in accordance with the suggested recommendations of the Verma report. He highlighted some of the issues in teacher education such as structure of teacher preparation program, pattern of studies, working of education institutions, quality of teacher trainees and educators, improving the quality of teacher education both in-service and pre-service etc. Prof Aima emphasized the strategies required to change the current scenario like competency-based curriculum, enforcement of the NCTE norms, use of innovative practices and bridging the gap between theory and practice. He hoped that such deliberations would continue to provide stakeholders the necessary exposure about NCTE quality parameters to achieve quality improvement in teacher education.

More than 150 participants drawn from J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other states of India participated in the conference. More than 55 papers were presented during the sessions which dealt with three identified themes. Prof. Amit Kauts, Dept. of Education, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar chaired the session on the theme “Challenges and areas of concern in two year teacher education programs”, Prof. Kirandeep Kaur, Dean & Head, Department of Education, Punjabi University, Patiala chaired the session on the theme “Enhancing the quality of trainees and teacher educators” and Dr. Hemant Lata  Sharma, Professor Dept. of Education, M.D. University, Rohtak chaired the session on the theme “Innovative practices to strengthen teacher education.” They also presented keynote addresses. The panel discussion session was chaired by Dr Lokesh Koul, Prof. Emeritus and Former Dean Faculty of Education, HP University, Shimla and the panelists included Dr. Lokesh Verma, Dean & Head, Dept. of Educational Studies, Central University of Jammu, Prof. Kirandeep Kour, Dean &Head Department of Education, Punjabi University, Patiala, Dr. Mubarak Singh, Prof. Dept. of Education, University of Jammu, Prof. N.R Sharma, Dean Academics, MIER College of Education and Dr. K.K.Sharma, Chairperson, CTE, Haryana. Each session was followed by discussion in which the delegates participated keenly.

The sessions were ably conducted by Mrs. Anjela Gadroo, Mrs. Komal Sharma, Mrs. Poonam Soni, Dr. Reeta Diwedi, Dr. Bindu Dua and Dr. Nishta Rana. The rapporteurs of the seminar were Dr. Bharti Tandon, Mrs. Adit Malhotra, Mrs. Arpana Manhas, Mrs. Monika Rathore, Dr. Atul Thakur and Dr. Monika Bajaj long with some M.Ed students.

Prof. N.R. Sharma, Dean Academics MIER presented a formal vote of thanks. He thanked the chief guest, CTE officials, various dignitaries, keynote speakers & resource persons for enlightening the audience. He also extended a cordial thanks to the distinguished guests, the delegates and the participants who showed great enthusiasm and interest by participating in large numbers.

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