OnePlus 7 Is Now in Stores


New Delhi: OnePlus’s latest smartphone, the OnePlus 7, has hit store shelves. At Rs. 32,999, it is the manufacturer’s best effort yet to keep costs down, with power and features in abundance.

Smartphone enthusiasts and those looking for a mid-range option are excited for this value-conscious effort that packs a punch. So what can buyers expect from the makers of the recent hit, the premium-segment OnePlus 7 Pro? Well, as mentioned, this new smartphone aims to be even more affordable and accessible to the masses. At under Rs. 35,000, users are promised a truckload of features at a price that undercuts the competition by a substantial margin.

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Innovative features such as RAM Boost ensures that apps you regularly use are given preference of RAM, speeding their start-up for instant usage. The smartphone can store up to 256 GB of data, effectively a handheld library for your photos, videos and music files. Transferring files to and from the device is seamless, too.

A 48 MP rear camera produces crisp pictures, with OnePlus boasting new software algorithms that enhance low-light photos for clarity even in less-than-perfect light conditions. Running on the new Qualcomm® Snapdragon 855™ mobile platform, the OnePlus 7 delivers smooth gaming, with dual stereo speakers by Dolby Atmos powering the sound performance.

OnePlus 7 is currently the most coveted smartphone in the market. It is a beast of burden that does not compromise on design, software, technology or features, with an attractive price tag to match. For those looking to buy a premium smartphone that is accessible to the everyday user, the OnePlus 7 is available on Amazon, the OnePlus website and in exclusive OnePlus stores.