Online fraud in Srinagar: Man lost Rs 28,000 in a minute

Srinagar, January 06: In a shocking incident of online bank fraud, a man in Srinagar got duped wherein amount of Rs 28,000 got deducted from his account with Punjab National Bank Dal gate.

As reported by a local daily, a resident of Khanyar, Ghulam Jeelani Chishti got five back-to-back text alerts about withdrawals from his ATM on December 11 which he did not make and he lost Rs 28,000 in no time.

The man lodged a complaint on December 11 stating that he had transferred said amount to Punjab National Bank, Dal gate to his client. Later, he received an alert about the amount having been debited from his account but on confirming, he found out that the client had not received money in his account. He called the bank manger at the official landline number of PNB Dalgate to enquire and he was told to wait.

After a while, the man received a call from cell number 09934988143, the man on the other side was posing himself as the official of the same bank so he replied to his inquiries and told him his bank account number.

Soon after he gave his account number money started deducting from his account and he kept on receiving the text alerts. A total of Rs 28,000 was deducted from my account. As soon as Chesti realized the fraud, he called up the bank and told them to block his ATM card.

The officials from the bank told him that the bank system has been hacked by some miscreants and it resulted in stealing of the money through internet from his account

The daily also contacted PNB branch manager at DalgateĀ  who said that the customer might have shared his account and ATM details with the caller who then made online transaction through fraud.

However, Chisti has filed a complaint in the Crime Branch.

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