Online Shopping Fun Or Threat?


Have you ever notices the change in society that online shopping trends have brought throughout the world? Going outside interacting with people buying things can now be considered as the days of past or ancient. Online shopping trend has changed everything from our lifestyle to the ways of interacting with the outside world and many more things which cannot be described in words.

Taking all the possibilities under consideration we cannot just point out the negative effects of e-commerce as there are many positives impacts also. Buying online has opened the world of choices. From one-stop-shop you can buy almost everything from clothes to groceries to medicines and much more. It has brought comfort and convenience to life.

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But negative impacts should also be considered as they are more than positive impacts. First of all, if a person shops online then he or she loses contact with the outside world. Those talks with the seller and bargaining on stuff are missed. And most important you will not able to feel or touch your product. Physical contact is lost.

Let us considered some examples if you thought of buying some dress and rather visiting the store personally you try to buy it online. Will you be able to feel the stuff you are buying? No, because you are not physically present there. Without thinking all these cons you brought the dress and after some days your shipment arrived. After opening the package you felt devastated cause the dress you brought is not exactly the same you saw online.

There are many things which should be kept in mind before buying stuff online.

Online shopping puts adverse effects not only on society but on the environment also. Many times the size of shipment is large than the product inside. There is a lot of wastage and use of plastic is also in excess which cannot be recycled which is unfavourable for the environment.
The most important block of the society which has suffered a lot form this e-commerce industry is small retailers. Their market value has decreased. Now, not only do they need to compete with other retailers, but they also need to compete with the e-commerce websites which has a definite edge over the retail store owners.

With all these conclusive and adverse effects of e-commerce, the industry is growing at a higher pace and it will continue to grow. But it is our responsibility to take care of this lovely environment and society on which we all are fully dependent. Ecommerce is a bane and boon for people.