Online suicide streaming: 12-year-old girl kills self on Facebook live

Three days before she killed herself streaming her suicide live on Facebook, she shared the allegations of abuse and sexual assault online.

The incident happened in Georgia, United States, and the police are figuring out how to grab copies of the streamed suicide of 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole, according to a Daily Dot report.

The family of the girl has removed the video from her Facebook profile but copies of the same footage were posted on YouTube

The police department has demanded people from people in the US as well as abroad to take the down the video. However the police say, there is no law that would force its removal from the internet.

Police are still investigating Nicole’s death.

YouTube has cooperated in taking down copies of the Georgia girl’s video as it violates policies on posting violent or graphic content, but multiple such videos still continue to live on the internet.