Oomph up your Desi look to something Hippy and Cool!


Jammu sure is a mixture of cultures in every good way possible. You can see girls who roam around like total party divas, some with the coolest attires and some wearing the most gorgeous and simple salwar suits. People are comfortable in their skin and the clothes that cover it and no one has the right to judge you by the way you dress.

Though most of us girls can carry any damn attire well but a few girls are very much comfortable wearing only salwar suits. It can get quite monotonous sometimes, human nature you see.

So girls, here are some of the chicest hippie things to try on to give yourself a total makeover:

  1. Nowadays Hippy is the new black:



Technically speaking hippies are people who wear beads on hair, loose clothes, smoke etc. But they are a total 2016-style icon. Every other person is trying to do something with their look that makes them look like a hippie. Try to wear something that is kind of loose and not harsh to eyes. You can give a try to Aztec print kurti and team it with a plain lower.


  1. Accessorise it up:



Anyone can glam their appearance just by adding few accessories to their look. You don’t need to wear a whole lot of them. Maybe a pair of earrings, anklet, necklace etc. which is not so girly but a little chic, yeah? There are a number of stores in Jammu which will soothe your jewellery cravings.


  1. Scarf it up:


It is not a necessary law that you have to wear a matching dupatta with your suit. This time, when you go out with friends on an outing, wear a contrasting scarf which will help you look different for a change. Don’t worry if people say something, they are gonna say something anyways.


  1. Try dhoti or jean pants instead:


Summer is the season where you can experiment with you look in any way you want. So why not replace that old salwar with a stylish dhoti. It will instantly make you look a little chicer than a bunch of people around you. Or you can wear a pair of jeans under Kurti and pair it with a cool scarf, and you are done.


  1. Keep it simple:


Coco Channel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” So, keep it simple because that is the best thing to do. Once in a while wear whites, nudes or pastel shades with no make or any accessories at all. It’s called the “Deglam look” and this one avatar will always keep you going.


Follow these tips this monsoon and get compliments from the one you always wanted to. If you have any tip to share let us know in the comment section.

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