Open Letter from a young job seeker to JK Govt.


Here are we the unemployed, exploited, youth of J&K who even after qualifying the IBPS written exam for JK Bank RE don’t know the reason for being dropped out from final list. Like always, today also in the run-up to elections our ministers are raising slogans like “Our Youth Is Our Primary Concern”. But we want to ask them do they really care for us? Are they really working for the youth? We are genuine in our protests. We need answers.

But see the high handedness of our government, they are calling us failures. We want to tell such people by saying this you have proved how big a failure you are yourself. We are among those 51000 students who qualified the exam.

We want to let you know that we know where we stand. By protesting it doesn’t mean we are helpless. We RE dropouts are being exploited at the hands of our politicians. While looking for our answers we were told: the bank is saying it’s a computer fault! We are being called as Failures by Finance minister of state without even showing us our score cards or merit .

We are not failures, we are failed by Corrupt System and Politicians. JK bank is acting as autocratic body saying they will not tell anything, they are governed by none, if its not they why 56% stake of government, why 500+ crs infused by state government recently, moreover another 250cr shares also infused making government share in bank as 56% from 53.17%.


PDP is saying NC government is behind all this. BJP, the ruling party from jammu not raising voice against this injustice, which they raised when they were in opposition in 2012, seems everyone is involved in this injustice. Satpal Sharma had raised this issues in past, image attached but why quiet this time. Speaking about jammu, out of total 178 total selected BAs, only 105 have joined, means rest vacant 73 will taken backdoor. Same case in other districts too.

The bank couldn’t provide us with jobs, but see their generosity they are sending us caveat letters so that we wouldn’t take any legal action. We request all Jammuties to stand for yourselves and fight for your rights. When you know you are right you need not to be afraid. Today this has happened with us, tomorrow it could be you, raise your voice, stand for future, stand for our upcoming generations since we are the one always getting discriminated, exploited in every possible way.