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Do you want IPS Basant Rath back as IG Traffic?

Do the people in j&K need to stop settling on River Banks?

Do you think people have also started exploring other career options apart from science?

Do you think auto rickshaw drivers should stop charging high rates?

Do you think children should be raised tech-free i.e without mobile phones?

Do you think there should be separate homes for street dogs to provide shelter to dogs and safety to public?

Do you think JKPSC need to be more transparent in its selection criteria?

Do you think private schools need to make education more affordable?

Do you think that drug & gun culture is also influencing the youth in Jammu?

Do you think all women and handicapped matadors should run on local roads?

Do you think Government needs to take more measures to prevent Electrocution Incidents?

Does Private Sector require a Boost in J&K ?

Do you think jammu & Kashmir still Lacks advanced Medical Treatment both in Terms of Doctors & Infrastructure?

Do you agree with the Governor's decision to convert J&K Bank into PSU ?

Do you think Jammu needs more street food options at affordable prices?

Do you think, Leh people deserve their own university in their own city?

What's your opinion, Jammu people need to be more aware of Politics?

Should there be separate areas alloted to Roadside/Rehri vendors to manage Traffic in the city?

Do you think University of Jammu should be more Student Friendly ?

What is your Opinion on the Crime Rate in Jammu?

Has the concept of Pre Wedding photoshoot led to more show off in the society?

Do you think Parents need to be more careful to save their children from Child Abuse of any Kind?

Do you think there should be Cleanliness Drives in the City & Mountains ?

Should Un-Registered Private Coaching Centres be Banned in J&K ?

Does the society in J&K consider every gender (Male/Female/Third Gender) equal ?

Bank Transactions should be made 100% Digital?

Will The Statue of Unity be the New Magnet of Tourism in India?

What do you think, Diwali should be Crackerless or not?

Do you support Safe & Green Diwali?

Accidents Happen due to?

Does Investing in Share Market comes with a Risk?

Make in India has made a material difference to the business environment in India?

Is 18 the Right Age for Driving if Done with Discipline?

Has Law and Order situation in India improved?

Do you think US is a better ally for India compared to China?

Do you think Railways is responsible for Amritsar Train Tragedy?

Do you think Jio has changed the telecom business in India?

Is Good Diet Necessary for having a good Health?

What is the main Reason for Unemployment?

Do you think gender equality at workplaces is still a faraway dream for India?

Do you think Social Networking Websites are Safe?

Should Electricity be Privatised in Jammu & Kashmir?

Do you have Electricity problems in your areas?

Which mobile operating system is fast?

Which is more safer a two wheeler or a four wheeler?

Do you think Apple can conquer Indian market?

Are you going to Vote today?

Will India get a Legendry cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar again?

Who have the better chances to win In J&K Municipal Elections 2018 ?

What is the most important part of a Relationship?

Do you think Bollywood movies are better than Hollywood's?

Who is most successful Indian Cricket captain?

Do you agree with the SC judgement on Aadhar?

JMC's decision to restrict encroachments is for betterment of Jammu?

Do you think Relationship of a Boy and a Girl is important?

Is Dating must for the Holistic growth of the youth?

You think Jammu Girls are preferred for Marriage across the country?

Which is better an Arranged Marriage or a Love Marriage?

Does road accidents happen because of destiny only?

Who will win Today's Match?

Do you think oil prices should come down?

Is it wise to invest in a mutual fund?

Should those who rape minors get the death penalty?

Is India ready for Future without Petrol Cars?

Is it necessary to go to the gym to become fit?

Do you think it's time for Indian Railways to open up to the idea of private Trains?

Will India win the Asia Cup 2018 in UAE?

Can Nokia regain its glory in the era of Samsung and Apple?

Is Mass unemployment the biggest threat to the India story?

Section 377: Supreme Court rewrites history, homosexuality no longer a crime. Do you support it?

Do you think Aadhaar is really hacking-proof?

Can Article 35A be abolished from Jammu and Kashmir?

Is it fair to blame the government alone for rising fuel prices?

Do you think caste-based reservation is the biggest factor hurting India's progress?