Outsiders rule the roost at Central University in Jammu; few locals recruited as faculty


central university

The Central University of Jammu which was set up after a sustained agitation by the people of this region who hoped that it would be become a temple of learning, and also give an opportunity to the people of state to learn as well as teach at this institution has failed to deliver it’s promise. It is surprising but true that people of Jammu who fought for the appointment of a local Vice Chancellor have failed to get jobs in this institution with almost 60 per cent of the faculty being recruited from outside. While the majority of the support staff has already been employed on the recommendations of the rich and powerful people in the state, the majority of faculty it has been revealed come from outside as if there are no good quality candidates available in Jammu.

As per information available, majority of the twelve departments in this university have teachers from outside the state particularly where permanent positions have been filled. A number of departments have non-Jammuites as teachers, and 17 staff members are non-state subjects and sources allege that it appears that these departments have been opened just to accommodate those hailing from outside. Not only this it is being alleged that these programmes are almost defunct, and have few students pursuing integrated programmes and these include Social Work, National Security Studies, Public Policy and Pubic Administration (PP&PA) and Mass Communication and New Media (MC&NM). In a startling revelation it has been revealed that the Department of Environment Sciences has 8 faculty members out of which 7 are from ouside the state, and this despite the fact that there is a large number of qualified candidates who have passed NET, SLET, and GATE exams. It has been further alleged that a person with Zoology background who hails from outside the state has been appointed as the head of environmental sciences department despite the fact more qualified, and able local candidates were available. Now questions are being asked as to why despite having a local Vice Chancellor the claims of the candidates from Jammu, as well as Kashmir have been overlooked, and majority hired from outside. The story is the same in Educational Studies department which is headed by a local but has four non-local faculty members out of the six teachers. In the English department as well out of 6 faculty members four are from outside and the two locals hired are kin of former Jammu university officials.

The situation is so bad that it is being alleged that if Central University Jammu had to hire only outsiders, and kith and kin of former Jammu University officials then it was better that this institution had not been set up at all. While the candidates with merit, and an aptitude for teaching have been denied jobs those who are affluent, influential and related to politicians and bureucrats, and former teachers and officials at JU have been accommodated. Despite that majority of jobs majority of jobs have gone to outsiders thus defeating the very purpose of a university which is to promote local talent.

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