Outstation girl students at NIT Srinagar allege rape threats by locals

NIT SrinagarThe website of a reputed national magazine has reported that out-station girl students at NIT Srinagar are being threaten with rape and molestation by the Kashmiri students. A local student told the girls that each one of them will be raped and only then they would cool down.

“Ek ek ke sath rape hoga to thande pad jaoege”, a student was quoted as saying, which brought tears into the eyes of girl student living hundreds of kilometers away from their homes in the insurgency infested Kashmir.

The girls also alleged that male students who were brutally assaulted by Kashmir police were sitting just peacefully to protest against the administration and the college administration treated them like animals. The police action against the innocent students who were beaten like criminals has stung the entire nation, which is openely criticizing the Modi government, and BJP government in state for acting as cohorts of the separatist and pro-Pakistan leadership. The photos and videos of police action in fact forced top leaders from Congress and AAP to question the intentions of Modi government which had failed to protect the students.

What has hurt the students, and people is the manner in which state government and central government led by BJP have tried to downplay the matter. Deputy CM Nirmal Singh was forced to admit that he had been given misleading information and that police action was unwarranted.

NIT students meanwhile alleged that they had lost faith in Modi government as well as the HRD ministry which had failed to act against those who were raising Pakistani flags across the campus. A student alleged pro-Pakistan actions at NIT are not new but thanks to social media they have been exposed. He also alleged that residents of Dargah Lal Bazar which is around the campus are supporters of separatist parties and they hurl stones on the campus whenever there is an India –Pakistan match. The students also alleged that the college administration cut the internet connection and it was only through the mobile phones they had been able to send information to media.

The local media also is acting on behalf of the anti-national forced and the brute Kashmiri majority they alleged.