Over 1000 passengers stuck without food and shelter; no aid from government


Due to the closure of Jammu-Srinagar National Highway, over a thousand passengers are stranded at the Jammu Bus Stand. The incessant rains have triggered fatal landslides at various places along the highway and hence it has been shut for vehicular movement. Some stranded vehicles were cleared when the Highway was temporarily thrown open for traffic but over a thousand passengers are still stuck at the Bus Stand without any support from the government. “We are running out of money, we don’t even have food to eat,” a passenger complained. The government has not even arranged any shelter for people who are stuck there and they have been staying at the Bus Stand even during the rains. The Bus Stand too is not spacious enough to accommodate so many people. The passengers requested that the government should at least provide them a place to stay till the time the National Highway becomes functional again.


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