Over 3,000 users urges PM Modi to legalise e-cigarettes


New Delhi: More than 3,000 users of these devices have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to legalizes e-cigarettes and flavoured hookah in the country.

In their petition, they claimed their health has improved significantly after they switched to vaping from smoking conventional cigarettes.

“I am 51 and have successfully quit a 20-year habit of smoking over 40 cigarettes a day with the help of vaping, also known as as e-cigarettes. I have regained stamina, my heart condition is better and there is no smoker’s cough. There are thousands like me whose lives have been positively impacted,” said Jagannath Sarangapani, a professional from Hyderabad.

Sarangapani, who initiated the petition to counter the misinformation surrounding ENDS, said smoking is among the toughest habits to give up, with almost every smoker trying to quit but failing and stressed that they need more options to wean away from deadly cigarettes and ENDS are now the most effective means of doing so.

“A ban will force me back into smoking,” he added.

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