Kashmir Police receives more than 7 complaints of domestic violence everyday

Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR, Mar 16: Over 2500 complaints of domestic violence are filed at the women’s police station Rambagh here in Srinagar every year depicting an escalation in the incidences of domestic violence against women in valley.

A data available with the police station revealed that 1470 complaints of domestic violence were received by the said police station in 2015. The complaints included the major and minor domestic disputes which were dealt up on by the said police station.

The data provided by officials revealed that over 3000 complains of domestic violence were received during 2014.

According to the data provided by the concerned officials over 6 complaints of domestic violence are filed every day in women’s police station Srinagar only and the number increases accordingly every single year.

“We receive around over 7 complaints of domestic violence every day and sometimes the figure goes up to 12 or 13. Though in most of the cases we try to initiate a reconciliation process however in worst of the matters FIR is registered and the case goes to court.” SHO women’s police station Gulshan Akhter said.

Over the years Kashmir valley has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the incidences of domestic violence against the women folk. During past few years scores of women have lost their lives in the incidences of extreme domestic dispute.

Majority of these cases involve the death of the victim due to severe burn injuries.

The escalation in the incidences of violence and the magnitude of the violence has surfaced as a cause of great concern in valley. The concern was though last year in assembly session.

“ Majority of the cases involve the extreme mental and physical torture meted out to by women at the hands of either their husbands and in laws while the cause of the dispute in majority of the cases is dowry issues,” SHO revealed.

The figures reveal that more than 300 cases of domestic violence were registered till May 2014 while as over 600 cases were filed in 2013.

“In 2014 FIR was launched in more than 44 cases while as in 2015 FIR was launched in around 79 cases. FIR is registered in the cases which include extreme violence. Moreover, apart from the complaints received by our police station there are many cases that go to concerned police stations of particular areas. Also scores of victims prefer to remain silent owing to social stigma or some other reasons. However, in past few years, we have seen that women are coming forward and raising their voice against the violence,” Gulshan said.

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