No overstaying in government bungalow in Delhi, Omar tweets


Reacting to the controversy on overstaying in government bungalow in Delhi’s elite Lutyens zone, CM of Jammu & Kashmir Omar Abdullah has said that he is not overstaying in the bungalow in Delhi.

In his tweet, Omar clarified on news published by a media house that CM of J&K and Omar Abdullah and CM of Himachal Pradesh Vir Bhadra Singh were allotted bungalow in Delhi at 7, Akbar Road and 1, Jantar Mantar when they were Union ministers and after resigning from the cabinet both are still staying in the same bungalows.
“7 Akbar road is allotted to Union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and as CM of a state he is having bungalow on South Avenue Lane, we have swopped occupancy for our convenience”, Omar said in his tweet.