P.M. Modi Launches One Nation One Card


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently launched a National Common Mobility Card. The card will allow the holders to pay their bus fare, toll tax, parking charges, shopping bill and withdraw money. Hence, the card is rightly dubbed as, ‘One Nation One Card’.

As this card runs on the RuPay card, this card is one of its kind and now there’s no need to depend on foreign technology. The card also supports offline transaction across all travel needs with stored value on it.   This card enables seamless travel by different transport systems across the country.

The significance of this card is it can be an effective alternate to cash as cash payment involves cash handling, revenue leakage, etc. the introduction of these cards help to digitize the fare collection to a significant extent.

These cards would be issued by public and private banks the same way credit and debit cards are issued. NCMC provides a value proposition for customers as they need not carry multiple cards for different usage.

The first level trials for these cards have been successfully completed and they were launched by P.M. Modi while inaugurating the first phase of Ahmedabad metro train service.

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