I.P.O presents Pre-Budget proposal in the interest of General Public

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Jammu: Today, 28th January, 2014, Mr Arun K. Gupta, Chairman, Institute of Public Opinion (Regd.) led his delegation to present Pre-Budget proposal to Mr. A.R. Rather, Finance Minister. The delegation was comprising of responsible citizens, industrialist, students, social reformers including representative from Rajouri District.

on site picMr Arun K. Gupta touched the following a few points in his speech.

Standing Task Force-   He reminded Finance Minister that in his last budget speech, he had touched regarding constitution of Standing Task Force if constituted, representation to I.P.O. has not been given so that points in the interest of General Public could be discussed and persued with the Government. Finance Minister noted this point.

Unemployment-    He stressed that every young man wants join Government service and it is impossible for the Government to give jobs to every body. Why Government should not start campaign for the youth to opt for industries so that employment could be generated and economy could improve. Finance Minister appreciated the point.

Decongestion of Jammu City-   Mr Arun K. Gupta suggested that some Government departments like Ranbir Printing Press, Residential quarters for police and many more offices which are located in the city be shifted outside Jammu, so that space could be used for providing better infrastructure facilities to the general public.

ADULTERATION-  A menace for the society it is not a simple problem but a matter of life and death of the people. It is the job of the Government  to safe guard the health of the people.

I.P.O. proposed that State Government sets up (a) –  regulator at high level and (b) – consumer guidance societies throughout Jammu and Kashmir which can help the Government in bringing the adulterators to lime light and ultimately curbing the adulteration. Such efforts should be persistent out and not sporadic program actions.

OLD AGE HOME-  Lack of care, emotions and time in the family have made many elderly look at migrating to old age homes. May elderly now consider old age homes as better alternatives for spending their later years

I.P.O solicits that Government makes OLD AGE HOMES with all facilities including good cooking facilities, care taker, vehicle for moving old people for picnics, libraries,  sitting room to meet relatives whenever they visit, T.V , games etc etc.

In foreign countries, it has been seen that old persons always prefer to stay in old age homes because of their independence, facilities they get and personal care being provided.

MAL – NUTRITION –  ITS ERADICATION DEMANDS PRIORITY. About a lac of children die every month in the country and a third of the 180 million chronically mal-nourished children in the World live in  India.

Malnutrition has resulted in off springs who are maimed, crippled and retarded. Malnutrition does not allow the brain to develop properly making them dullards and caloric deficiency has resulted in stunted growth.

Our organization,  Institute of Public Opinion strongly urge that  Hon’able Finance  Minister provides sufficient funds to Health Department to make dedicated teams to examine children in the 1-19 year age group for four D’s-disease, deficiency, defects and developmental delays. The break up of examined ills can be,
malnourished, anemic, dental problems, vitamin deficiency, infections, worm infection , ear discharge, skin diseases, vision defects, birth defects etc.

Further we suggest that Government should  introduce a system and curriculum for our young graduate to be trained in the field of nutrition. Their intimacy with the villagers will pave way for introducing new ideas of nutritional for without be-littlement on the traditional food habits and customs and also help in the eradication of malnutrition.


The cooked mid-day meal scheme (CMMS) which is usually accepted name of the national program on Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE) was widely considered to have been successful in achieving its intended objectives, till whole country rattled with the deaths of 23 children in Bihar by consuming mid-day meal served to them in school in July 2013.

The mid-day meal tragedy once again brings to fore the gap between good intentions of the Government and their sloppy implementation at the peripheral level at the delivery door to the vulnerable section. From the way rations are bought, meals are cooked and finally served to poor children who can neither assess nor protest, the method seems fraught with risk. Little efforts has been made to investigate the systemic lacunae or colossal failure of monitoring mechanism of the mid day meal scheme.

I.P.O. suggests  that even in our Jammu and Kashmir state, if funds are required to the concerned implementing department for oversight mechanisms  for mid-day meals needs to be corrected forthwith, be graciously provided and strict punishment meted out to those found guilty of flouting norms. Otherwise, the state will stand accused by playing with the lives of our children

Industrial Sector – Department of Industries and Commerce

“Why is the industrial sector in the State unable to take off when policy planners as well as the Government believe that growth and expansion of industries is the panacea of unemployment especially among the educated youth of the state. Industrial sector has lagged behind to considerable extent thus arresting economic progress of the state. Government has not so far tackled the reasons for very slow growth of industrial culture in the state”.

One reason could be the unwillingness of the Government. No serious efforts have been so far to identify the bottlenecks in industrial growth and clear them with remedial measures.

We would like to stress upon to the Department of Industries and Commerce that the people of the state expects lots from them. They understand that development and growth of industrial sector of the state is a healthy signs for reducing unemployment and strengthening state economy. These are not small expectations.

Stamp duty-  We have been requesting State Government time and again to review the Stamp duty for registration of documents and reduce it substantially so that any body could afford it. We hope in this budget needful will be done.

Further, it will be in the interest of the state to take stamp duty in the form of Demand Draft rather than using Stamp Papers which becomes huge volum printing cost and other indirect costs can be avoided.

Posh Colonies like Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, Bakshi Nagar etc. – Commercial activities.

These colonies were created for residential purposes. Now main lanes/By-lanes have turned into Commercial activities. Everyday houses along the road side are converting some portion of their houses in building shops and show rooms. Because of population explosion, probably such market requirements were never thought off.

I.P.O. suggests to the Government that such commercial activities in residential areas be regularized for land use purposes. This will put the record straight.

New Colonies with Shopping Complex Provisions.  Whenever, Government proposes new colonies in future; they must keep provisions for shopping complexes spread over in the entire colony so that nuisance of Commercial activities in residential area by individual/individuals do not take place. This will give a beautiful picture of the area. Chandigarh is an example in North India.

Multi-storey Parking Facilities-  Traffic is becoming a chaos in Jammu. Parking facilities are meager. People park their vehicles outside their houses in the lanes and sub lanes. If Government gets multistory parking yards made in all localities, probably, the problem of parking will get minimized. This will give revenue to the state and above all each inhabitant will feel facilitated in having a free movement

Scanner at Lakhanpur-  That hundreds of trucks are always standing at Lakhanpur Toll post.  Instead of manual exercise for checking of each truck, why not put couple of scanners so that truck passes through the scanner and process becomes easy and quick.

In case, if any discrepancy is noticed in the documents, let truck move to Jammu to its transport company and by computer e-mail/SMS your people from Lakhanpur inform your Jammu office to take necessary action before the goods are unloaded by the party.

Land ownership rights to industrial units. I.P.O. earnestly request the Hon’able Finance Minister that lease land allotted to the units be converted to free hold on payment of token premium. This will help the entrepreneur to settle its business permanently so that next generation also feel secured for their livelihood

Sales Tax Amnesty Scheme-  The Government had issued Amnesty scheme in May, 2007 giving 100% remission of interest and penalty for default cases of sales tax prior to 2005-06. It is requested that Finance Minister, being benevolent, comes out with the fresh amnesty scheme on the same pattern of SRO 173 dated 07.05.2007 which can give lot of relief to the concerned people.
Finally, Hon’ble Minister appreciated the points raised by IPO and assured that something soon will be done.