Pak Firing intended to sustain the terrorist enterprise within India : Panun Kashmir


Pictures by Sandeeppunani punani

Panun Kashmir’s convenor Dr. Agnishekhar and Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo in a Press conference addressed the ceasefire violations appreciating the Government of India. Panun Kashmir expressed its unreserved appreciation of the Government of India for firmly handling the firing incidents by the Pakistani Army across the Line of Actual Control and International Border. The response of BSF and the Army has the wholehearted support of the entire people of the nation. The handling of the situation by the Government this time is a healthy departure from the way the previous governments have handled such situations in prior times assuring a stability and peace to the Nation.

The firing from Pakistani side had the motives of pushing in weapons, ammunition and terrorists for sustaining militant activities within India and intended to  lower the morale of the Nation. But the adequate response of the Government of India to Pakistan aggression will go a long way this time and will crystallize clear and unambiguous thresholds of tolerance of our nation which are critical for ensuring peace in the region. The new Government has fully realized the pitfalls and dangers of the policy of its predecessors vis a vis Pakistan.

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