Pak: Flights suspended, roads on lockdown following alleged firing, explosion near Multan Airport


Multan [Pakistan] : Pakistan media, on Monday, alleged that roads leading to Multan Airport were put on lockdown and flights were suspended after reports of firing and explosions.

Some even claimed that a NOTAM or a Notice to Airmen was issued till 8:00 am (local time) Monday for Multan International Airport.

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“This is confirmed that there is some problem and some kind of incident has taken place but there is nothing like an attack. Roads leading to Multan Airport are closed,” Pakistani journalist Ahmad Noorani tweeted on Monday.

“This Multan bound flight is not going towards Multan. Different social media accounts are claiming that sounds of heavy firing in Multan Airport Area can be heard. No confirmations…,”he added.

However, conflicting reports of the incident are emerging with another Pakistani journalist claiming that a small aircraft had caught fire at the airport.

“Some people saying a small aircraft caught fire at the airport, nothing is confirmed though,” Faizan Lakhani tweeted.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user named F. Jeffrey, who claims to be a part of a think tank, claimed that a security incident has taken place.

“What is verified is that a security incident happened. But we don’t know yet what exactly happened,” he tweeted.

Confirmed reports about the incident are awaited.