Pak terrorists who attacked in Udhampur had a woman, accomplice in car helping them evade nakas

Quasim aka Naved had ties with Abu QuasimThe Udhampur attack by Pakistani terrorists in which Naved, an alleged fidayeen from Pakistan was caught alive by villagers is springing new surprises as the National Investigation Agency investigates the attack in complete detail. What has come as a shock for the authorities is the involvement of a woman militant in the attack, and how she and her accomplice played a key role in ensuring safe movement of the terrorist on the national highway in their truck.

Sources said that the reason that the terrorists were able to move across from Srinagar to Jammu was the fact that they had an escort car in which the woman, and her accomplice were acting as navigators, and were constant touch of the truck driver. Wherever there was a police or army naka, the navigators would warn the men in truck who did not move till that naka was lifted or the policemen went a little slow in checking.

The truck cleaner is believed to have told NIA that a woman, and her husband were travelling in a white coloured maruti car, and they would maintain a distance of 3 km but keep in constant touch with the truck driver. The car had no incriminating material, and the occupants would keep telling the truck occupants when to stop, and move to ensure safe travel. It was because of this reason that terrorists could move easily with arms, and ammunition to Jammu and back to Udhampur where the attack happened. Although the attack was not successful but it revealed loopholes in the security set up, and also shocked the agencies which are now looking to plug the holes.

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