Pakistan again threatened nuclear war, increases military movement on the outskirts


Pakistan: Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has once again threatened nuclear war. He said that this time there will be no conventional war with India. Rashid said that now that the guns will not work for four or six days, air strikes or navy shells will not work. Pakistan has threatened war without naming India. There will be direct nuclear war.

Pakistan’s statement comes at a time when the Pakistani Army has started deploying its guns close to the LoC. The tanks are also being extended towards the border. Not only this, on Monday, it has also increased the number of its soldiers on the LoC. Therefore, he has started preparing to do any big act.

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Recently, Sheikh Rashid, who was in the cabinet of the Imhan Khan, claimed that there is going to be a war between India and Pakistan in the month of October. Rashid has once again claimed that there is going to be a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Rashid has given anti-India statements after many years. He remains in the limelight due to his anti-India statements.

However, the Pakistani government has not yet received an official response to his statement, but how can this statement of a person involved in a government be irresponsible. He had threatened India and said that Pakistan has atomic bombs of 125 grams and 250 grams which can hit a particular target.