Pakistan Cricketer Saleem Malik offered me 200000 dollars bribe to bowl badly: Shane Warne


Years after his retirement from international cricket, Australia’s Shane Warne is still bowling some ‘googlies’. Warne is currently making the news for his interesting revelations in his autobiography ‘No Spin’ which is released this month.

Warne recently spoke in detail about former Pakistan captain Saleem Malik offering him a bribe to bowl badly in a September 1994 Test in Karachi.

Speaking to NDTV in connection with his recently published autobiography ‘No Spin’, Warne spoke about one of the earlier incidents of attempted match-fixing in cricket.

“Saleem Malik offered me 200,000 US dollars, he said it will be in my room in half-an-hour if I bowl wide of the off-stump and the match was a draw. That’s the bottom line of what he asked,” Warne said.

This revelation is now new as the controversy has been in the public space since the mid-1990s. However, it is first time Warne has revealed the amount that was at stake and the way in which the approach was made.

In 1995, Warne, Mark Waugh and Tim May had claimed that they had been offered bribes by Malik to lose games during Australia’s tour of Pakistan in 1994.

Pakistani bookie Salim Pervez told Pakistan’s Judicial Commission investigating match-fixing that he had handed Malik a briefcase with $100,000 (Rs 42.5 lakh) allegedly to fix the tournament’s Pakistan-Australia match.

Malik had always denied the allegations.

Mark Waugh and Shane Warne were later found guilty of accepting money from an Indian bookie to provide information. The duo were fined by the Australian Cricket Board, but the ACB kept the information secret for years. It finally admitted that Waugh and Warne had been paid to provide information to an Indian bookmaker during the Singer Cup in Sri Lanka in 1994.

Malik had reacted to news saying, “Their allegations destroyed my career at a time when I was at my peak. Now I want to see what the International Cricket Council (ICC) and their board will do.”

According to reports, Waugh and Warne were fined $8,000 and $10,000 at that time.  The 49-year-old cricketer also recalled the time when he was offered money by a bookie in Sri Lanka.

“I lost 5000 thousand dollars in a casino and a friend of Mark Waugh said, ‘look, here is the 5000’ and I said ‘no, I’m okay’. But he said, ‘no strings attached and no nothing’ and that was that,” Warne recalled

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