Pakistan interfering with cellular network close to international border, telecom operators complain

Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources
Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources
To facilitate the movement of terrorists Pakistan has now resorted to interfere in the cellular network in areas close to the border. In fact the telecom operators operating in Jammu and Kashmir have taken up the matter with union government as the matter has national security implications. A senior telecom official said that they have raised the matter with authorities who have taken cognizance of the issue, and it is likely that a solution to this problem would be found soon.

In areas where there is high frequency of interference the government has started checking the status. The matter came into notice after several consumer complained of poor connectivity despite adequate infrastructure including towers being installed. It was realized later that there was high interference by Pakistani mobile networks which was causing call drops. Source however said that reason for this could be to facilitate the communication operating in border areas.

In the last one year, there has been massive escalation of violence on the international border and Line of Control as Pak forces have been firing incessantly targeting Indian villagers, and security forces. The main objective of Pak security forces is to push terrorists into the Indian side, and the mobile gambit could also be a ploy to help them communicate with each other even across the border.

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