Pakistan-origin & settled in India, 17-yr-old Mashal Maheswari disallowed to take Medical Entrance

May 30: 

Mashal Maheshwari a 17-year-old Pakistani-origin Hindu girl has been disallowed from appearing in all-India medical entrance examination this year as she does not fall under the category of either Indian or NRI.

Ms. Maheshwari , who currently resides in Jaipur came to India around two years back with her family, including her two siblings.

She while speaking to reporters said that , she wants to be a doctor but her Pakistani citizenship issue has shattered her dream.

Ms. Maheshwari scored 91 per cent in her Class 12 CBSE exam this year and could not fill the All India Pre-Medical Test submission form, since she belonged to neither Indian or NRI category.

Ms. Maheshwari said that she can not afford to donate Rs. 1.5-Rs.2 crore for taking up admission in private University, adding, that she has already dropped an year and cannot drop another year for the notification.

She has appealed to the Indian government to intervene into the matter.

Ms. Maheshwari said that, she had come to India in the hope of a better future.

By studying medicine she wants to be a doctor just like her parents, she said.

Although disheartened, Ms. Maheshwari hopes that the Indian government would do something for her.

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