Pakistan Railway Minister beaten with eggs, punches in London


London:In yet another embarrasment for Pakistan, eggs were thrown at Imran Khan’s minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad in London. In a video clip from live TV broadcast shared by Pak journalist Naila Inayat, it has been reported that the Pakistan Minister was in London for an award ceremony when a man threw eggs on him. The egg attack on the Pakistan Minister appears to have taken place on August 18 in London.

During the broadcast, the journalist also stated that the man who threw on the Pakistan minister in London is on the run as of now. The man who threw egg on Sheikh Rasheed was present outside the building to throw eggs on the Pakistan Minister. As soon as the man threw eggs on Sheikh Rashid, his supporters tried to catch hold off him but failed to do so.

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Following the incident, on Wednesday, Asif Ali Khan, president of the People’s Youth Organization Europe, affiliated to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Samah Naz, the president of the party’s Greater London Women’s Branch, claimed responsibility for the attack.

They said that Rashid had used abusive words against PPP chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, against which they took this step. They said in their statement that they had only thrown eggs on Sheikh Rashid.

Both leaders said that Sheikh Rashid should be thankful that They only used the civilized method of egg-throwing in Britain to ‘protest’ against him. The Awami Muslim League has said that no video of this incident is available, but the two leaders have themselves acknowledged the attack. The party is considering filing a case with the police.