Pakistan spreads fake news about India! Adds fuel to fire!


Pakistan has released falsehood battle to slander India. It has shared a video professing to show protests in Kashmir after the annulment of the exceptional status of the state. It shows banners of different terror groups being waived and chants in favour of dead terrorists. It is the video, which was supposedly shared by BBC Urdu.

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The video demonstrates youngsters conveying banners of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Islamic State (IS) just as a placard with the photograph of a dead terrorist, Sayar Ahmed nom de plume Abu Jaree, an IS terrorist executed not long ago.

The group can likewise be heard yelling slogans for Zakir Musa, previous Hizbul Mujahideen leader, and founder of a terrorist group, Al-Qaeda called Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind in 2017.

The video additionally indicates trademarks for ‘Azadi’, and in light of the ‘Azadi ka Matlab kya’ (What is the meaning of Azadi), the group can be heard yelling, “La Ilaha Il-Allah”, signifying, “There is no god however Allah”. Toward the finish of the video, a horde of nonconformists can be seen yelling “Allahu Akbar” as the security faculty stands latently.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police organization because of the video has issued an explanation and mentioned the media staff and offices to act dependably. The Inspector General (IG) of Police, Kashmir, S.P. Pani apparently dismissed the media reports. He explained that some worldwide media reports with respect to terminating episodes in Kashmir aren’t right. No such occurrence has occurred. Kashmir has remained to a great extent quiet in the course of the most recent week.

The public ought not to accept any devilish and propelled news reports with respect to terminating occurrences in Jammu and Kashmir. The police have not discharged a single bullet over the most recent six days. The circumstance is quiet. Individuals are agreeable and confinements are being loosened, according to reports.