Pakistan using Radio to spread terrorism in Kashmir


Jammu, Sept 12: After many failed attempts to destabilise peace in Kashmir, Pakistan has now designed a new plan to increase cross-Border Infiltration by using its ‘Sialkot Radio Station’.

Pakistan has started an anti-India propaganda by increasing the frequency of its FM channel ‘94.0’. It is important to note that, this frequency is easily available not only in Jammu but also has a strong reception in Kashmir region.

The programs which get broadcast on this channel discuss Kashmir unrest and killing of people by pellet guns in an objectionable way. They portray Pakistan as the sympathiser and well-Wisher of Kashmiris. Whereas, India is portrayed as the brutal killer and oppressor.

Interestingly, such programs are broadcast at night when All India Radio stops broadcasting its programs for the day, so that the audio quality of the programs can be clear.

“It is quite palpable that Pakistan is playing this game to upset peace in the state,” sources said.

With Inputs from Amar Ujala

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