Pakistani college girls expelled after ‘Blue Whale’ scare


One of them had reached level 18 of the game, the other was at level 22 and both had self-inflicted knife wounds on their arms.

Two college girls in Pakistan’s Punjab province have been expelled after they inflicted cuts on their arms with knives as part of the controversial ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ game.

The administration of the Government Girls Degree College in Pind Dadan Khan Jhelum, 300 km from Lahore, on Friday expelled two intermediate girl students after detecting self-inflicted injuries on their arms.

“Some college students filed a complaint with the administration informing that two girls had made whale carvings on their arms using knives and it is suspected that they may commit suicide after reaching the final level of the Blue Whale game,” college principal Raheela Chandni said.


She said the administration summoned the girls in question along with their parents.

How dangerous it can get

“We expelled the girls after they admitted that they inflicted injuries on their arms while playing the dangerous game. We also asked their parents to keep a check on their daughters,” Ms. Chandni said, adding, the decision to expel the girls was taken to prevent other students of the college from being influenced by the phenomenon.

It is learnt that one of the two girls had reached level 18 of the game and the other was on level 22.

The ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ made headlines after a report claimed that at least 130 teenagers in Russia were instigated to take their own lives on closed social media groups.

The game, which is believed to be inspired from blue whales who are known to beach themselves on purpose, preys on vulnerable teenagers with low self-esteem.