Pakistani Man rapes dead bodies of buried women

This Samaa video where Jasmeen interviews this man in a  Pakistani Jail is quite a detailed session which defines how this man along with his friend raped a staggeringly high number of women. It is difficult to understand the mentality of such people and though one may simply dismiss the concept by saying these people are psychotic, this man seems quite the fine fellow.

One night he sees light emanating through the eye and teeth gaps of a corpse and that becomes his turning point. He stops and asks God for forgiveness (Tauba) and promises to himself with a futile sounding conviction that he would not engage in the activity ever again.

This issue of necrophilia may not be something local to Pakistan itself or for that matter limited to the mortal remains of women only. This video, however, is a scary reminder that this is an ugly reality that cannot be disregarded.



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