Pakistani media shows naxalite video; claims Pak soldiers holding captive Indian Soldiers


Pakistani Media for the whole day today kept playing an almost four minute clip showing injured men in the video claiming it to be featuring injured Indian Soldiers. According to Pak media, this video features Indian soldiers who entered Pak soil and were injured by Pak army.

Believe us, these snapshots are of the original video that the Pak media has been playing all day and the shoddy quality of the pictures raises the first question – Even the cheapest phone cameras today have a decent videography capability and this video looks as if shot by one of the first generation Nokia camera phones.

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Fine, fine not technical enough but there are bigger loopholes in the video.

For instance, the whole video shows a series of injured men in army fatigues. The first issue at hand is that none of these fatigues match the Indian army fatigues as the Pak media would have you believe. The Pakistani citizens are obviously believing the video, as there has to be some escape route from embarassment. Kuch Bhi Chalega Boss!


pak-video-1  pak-video-3

Second, most men in the video are wearing unmatching shirts which do not even go with the fatigues but hey, it is Pak media who are under immense pressure to diffuse tempers in their country.

pak-video-4  pak-video-5

Third and the biggest mark of stupidity in the video was this man. Sitting by the tree with an INSAS rifle. This is the biggest mark of stupidity as Pak media have repeatedly focused on the INSAS. Now standardly, an INSAS rifle has to be with an Indian soldier as it is made in India itself but these rifles are often found with Naxalites in Chattisgarh as well.


Come on Pakistan media. You show a supposedly Pakistani soldier recording supposed injured Indian soldiers, none of whom are held down by Pak  soldier and want your people to believe that this video is from Pak itself?

The men in the video are injured no doubt but is the Pakistani Army so stupid that they would not capture the men and even allow them to keep their arms?

The biggest clarification in the video comes in this part itself where the man with a INSAS next to him can be seen. Now one would assume that anyone asking questions here should be Pakistan soldiers right? Then men talking in this video are speaking in Bihari-like tongue. Even those who are asking the questions. Since when did Pakistani people start being fluent in chaste Bihari?

Dear Pakistani brethren, your govt fools you no doubt, but your media is no different!

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