Pakistani Reporter tries to mess with Virat Kohli; Kohli hits back (Watch Video)

Despite being the favorites of the tournament, team India failed to continue the same form and performance in the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 against Pakistan at the Oval. India captain Virat Kohli admitted that they could not play their ‘best game’ in the final.

India had a superior record over Pakistan at ICC events, including a win when the sides last met in the final of a global event, the World T20 in 2007. But it all came falling down in the final as Pakistan’s bowlers unraveled the Indian batting unit like a pod of green peas.

Pakistan defeated India by 180 runs to win their maiden Champions Trophy title. The all-round show by the Pakistan team helped them clinch the title against the best team India. For sure, credits go to the bowlers especially Fakhar Zaman who scored a century in the match.

Sometimes, even when we are disappointed, there turns up a moment when fans and others watching get a chance to smile. We all know that Virat Kohli was terribly upset after his side lost the final against Pakistan. However, the 28-year-old was at his gracious best despite the defeat, praising the opposition for their exceptional performance.

In the press conference after the match, one reporter asked Virat a question which left him completely baffled. Here’s the question asked:

Q: Winning the toss and wicket off the no ball, did you feel any pleasant moment in this match?

Kohli: Any what?

Q: Pleasant moment. You won the toss and got a wicket on the no ball. Did you have any other pleasant moments in this match?

Kohli: For who?

Q: For You

Kohli: How can no ball be pleasant for me?

Q: Because you got the wicket

Kohli: Was that even sensible? I don’t know what is happening?

Kohli questioned the sensibility of the question before moving on to answer the queries of other media men present in the conference. Later, Virat was asked about one area that team India could have done better. Kohli felt they could have done better was with the extras. India conceded 25 on Sunday, which he felt was a bit too much.

“That’s something that we certainly need to take care of in the future. Obviously, the same bowlers are going to play, the same guys are going to be back. The more consistent you get in learning from games like this, it’s better for the team in the future. So yeah, that’s an area we certainly need to look at.”