Pakistan’s unprovoked firing on civilians is their message of ‘Ham Nahi Sudhrege’

Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources


By Citizen Journalist Satish Bral

Pakistan’s misadventures on LOC have made the lives of people living in border areas, a nightmare. Since the last six decades they have been witnessing such incidents, have migrated every now and then to so called ‘safer’ places and have lost their lives, their past, their future in the wee hopes of peace.

When Modi became the Prime Minister, people hoped that his strong messages to Pakistan would desist the country from such border misadventures and Pakistan would put efforts in pacifying the chaotic situation by shelving these unprovoked incidents. However,from the facts it seems, Pakistan never understood the language of love and peace. Our valiant Army men however keep fighting, staking their life in order to relieve the people living in fear. Sordidly, BJP govt led by Modi is following the previous government’s policies of appeasement and that has given a boost to Pakistan’s morale, who without worrying about consequences indulge in indiscriminate firings on our civil population.

Since, PM  Modi is to visit Jammu tomorrow, Pakistan’s unprovoked firing on civilians may be their message of ‘Ham Nahi Sudhrege’.

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