Pak’s first Airforce Chief exposing on how Pak started all wars against India

Former Pakistan Air Force Commander-in-Chief, Asghar Khan, confessing that all four wars between India and Pakistan were started by Pak Army, and that Pak Army artificially creates this India threat angle to continue to enjoy majority share in the budget as well as to dictate foreign and domestic policy. This video is old but that does not change the truth that Pakistan has infact waged wars against India and lost them all.

Asghar Khan (born 17 January, 1921) is a Pakistani 3-star rank general and politician who was the first native Air Force Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force. A politician and world war II veteran fighter pilot, at the age of 36, he served as the youngest and first Pakistani Chief of the Pakistan Air Force.

A must watch 10 minute video.

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Courtesy – Khyber News

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