Pandits share pictures to claim they were attacked; Rush back to Jammu


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Jammu : More than 200 Kashmiri Pandits, working in Valley, had to escape amid tense situation and reached Jammu safely.

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The Pandits protested outside the Relief Commissioner’s office on Thursday. The people have accused the Government, saying that the Ministry sent these people to work in hostile environment without any precautionary measures. They have alleged that the protesting crowd in Kashmir pelted stones at them, and even tried killing them. However, no security forces ever came forward for their help. The masses who made it back to Jammu have appealed to the Government to rescue the Pandits who are still stuck there.
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The demonstration was headed by RJ Saproo. He stated that the natives of the Valley assume the Pandits an easy target and they are threatened on a regular basis. He further added that the Pandits would not go back to the valley. The people shouted slogans against the Government and its incompetency to provide security.