Panthers Party announces massive rally against coalition failures


panthersThe Jammu and Kashmir Panthers Party will take out a protest rally on July 4 to protest against the failure of the coalition government in delivering the promises made to people of Jammu which had voted BJP to power in this election. Panthers Party president Balwant Singh Mankotia said that they will take out a massive rally to highlight the failure of the government on all fronts.

The protest rally will be held on July 4.

Asserting that this rally would see the participation of the thousands of people, Panthers Party said that the objective of this protest was to ‘Fight for Jammu’. Party leaders said that party chairman Harshdev Singh would lead the rally from Panjthirthi Chowk in the heart of Jammu city.

The rally starting from Panjthirthi will pass through different chowks, and markets, and culminate at Press Club, Jammu. Mankotia alleged that the people of Jammu were shocked by the abject surrender of BJP before the Kashmiri leadership, and wanted to protest against this policy of continued appeasement. Panthers leaders also alleged that the manner in which BJP was conducting itself in the state had hurt the pride of the Dogra people, who had empowered the party, and ensured it’s entry into the government for the first time.


Panthers party said that people of Jammu were hoping for great results from the saffron front but were disillusioned by the BJP’s surrender to the leadership from Kashmir.

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