Paraglider spotted at Indo-Pak border in Bishnah; High alert raised

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu, July 14: After para gliders were seen near the International Indo-Pak border in the Bishnah area, high alert was raised in the area.

As per the sources, the Terror organisations are devising new ways to infiltrate Indian mainland. The Army as well as the Air Force are keeping a sharp eye on even the minutest of the movement.
The Army base at Kaluchak in Jammu informed the Security agencies about the sight of Para-Gliders in white and blue near the army areas, despite the ban imposed on such activities. A few weeks ago, recreational sports like para-gliding were prohibited by the DC Jammu in his order where it was clearly mentioned that such activities would not be allowed within a specific diameter of the armed forces. After spotting the gliders near the vicinity of the Army base, the forces were alarmed.
The para-gliders were seen near the Kunjwani-Bishnah by-pass in the Seora-Bandurakh sector. The agencies are speculating that the intrusion is caused by the cross-border elements. After the high alert, the army combed the area, searching every nook and corner. The people living closer to the border have been warned of any suspicious activity.
Keeping track on the para-gliders is not an easy task, as a result, the radicals can easily sneak in. Also, the on-going Amarnath Yatra is a potential target for the militants. Owing to all these factors, the armed forces have raised their guard.


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