Paragwal and Hamirpur Kona anticipating aid


Pictures by Sandeep

Areas in Akhnoor like Paragwal and Hamirpur Kona are immensely damaged due to the floods and haven’t been payed any heed by the government yet. An irrigation land of about 1600 canals was sabotaged to a high degree when the parapet of more than a KM’s length of the farm broke and flushed the whole area.A major amount of the crop is damaged and since the area is water logged, there are no concrete irrigation facilities currently to extricate the left out crop in that land.More than 400 water pumps were damaged during the floods and the town is in lack of water sources to release the less damaged area.The river Chenab breached and washed away numerous police posts at the bank as well. Private organisations and Army has helped the people but the government aided nothing more than 5-6 Kgs of ration to the village. The bridge connecting the two villages Paragwal and HAmirpur Kona has been restored by the Army but the roads and the lands are excessively damaged. A medical camp has been initiated by the Police in that area to amend the damage to some degree.

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