Paris will be Kashmir for the next few days

Original Image - Reuters

Puneet Gupta

There are those among us in Jammu and Kashmir who have been crowing about ISIS, parading with the terrorist organization’s flags in Kashmir to somehow preach the relevance of Jehad. A Jehad that the holy Islam does not preach but why would a ‘Re-Educated’ mind understand that.

For these young, driven and foolish youth with visibly limited powers of comprehension, whose hearts beat for ISIS as freedom fighters, the repercussions of ISIS attack in the love capital of the world would be a replica of how they view life in Kashmir. You stir the hornet’s nest and you will get stung. There is no other way around it. France has been prompt in taking the fight back to ISIS by bombing ISIS strongholds with Air-strikes. But due the attack by ISIS, would not the innocent Muslims in France suffer?

Muslims in Paris and France were prompt in denouncing the terror outfit but in coming days this condemnation would be of little help. Much like the scanning operations within the Kashmiri homes during insurgency, defined areas in Paris and France would be examined and reexamined and though a few leads may be generated, life in general would have been dissected apart. Sadly, every Muslim, in France and in Europe will be looked at with despising eyes. The results of ISIS attacks would be borne by the peace-loving. Racial attacks on the community will rise in the coming days and some of the angry young men and women from the community would rise to the bait unknowingly breeding more hate against their own.

Any Kashmiri who has passed through insurgency would understand, if not necessarily relate to this pattern.

The over 150 innocent civilians, who were murdered on the streets of Paris, were they a threat to anyone? Were they waging a war against Islam? Were they roaming the streets with Swords or Machine guns identifying and killing selectively the Muslims? They were not! But ISIS action in Paris would definitely make every muslim a target. Pray that the hate does not last in the love capital.

What ISIS has done undermines the teachings of the great Prophet. Humans have a very natural tendency for peace. Even with the existence of other religions, millions surely embraced Islam for its message of peace not what ISIS or its sister-concerns understand Islam to be

Swords and machine guns are for defence against attack. Swords and machine guns only spill blood and as was seen in Paris, those who lost their lives were innocent people belonging to other faiths, and definitely were not waging a war against followers of Islam.

Original Image – Reuters

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