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Parvez Rasool considers leaving Jammu & Kashmir team

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The first cricketer to play for India from Kashmir valley Parvez Rasool is not happy with the way cricket is being run in Jammu and Kashmir. And so he may switch from his state side. Rasool said, “Yes, I am the pride of Jammu and Kashmir.

Youngsters get inspired from me. But things have not improved over the years. A player has a time span of three to four years which can be termed as a make-or-break period. If things don’t change, I may have to think about other options like playing for a different state,” Rasool added. Rasool said, there are just two wickets in the entire Jammu and Kashmir, one in Jammu and another is in Kashmir which is 300 kilometres away from Jammu and so players suffer. Hope the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators improves the conditions,” he concluded.


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