Ramnagar: After conducting an extensive door-to-door visit of the hilly areas of Ramnagar in Rasein, Kund, Majua, Chowki, Tentha, Kathil Ganjoo, Beri, Sunetar, Patyari, Bainsta, villages, Mr. R. S. Pathania, General Secretary, Pradesh Youth Congress, has sought immediate curative relief and rehabilitation measures in Ramnagar assembly segment. People living in ‘kucha’ houses have been rendered houseless as either their houses have collapsed or partially damaged and no more fit and safe for living. In addition to damages to residential houses, rains have also caused damages to the orchards, agricultural lands and link-roads, drinking water-supply lines and electricity lines person and property has been caused. In areas of Ramnagar, Majalta and Dudu-Basantgarh, where incessant rains have caused whopping losses to standing maize-crops. Power, medicines and ration supplies have totally been cut off.
Mr. Pathania has further sought formulation of a comprehensive ‘Relief and Disaster Management Policy’ for J & K in the aftermath of whopping losses caused by torrential rains a week before. The level of damages have increased manifold as earth beneath houses/agricultural lands/orchards has drifted causing major losses to houses and other immovable properties of the people. In Kashmir too, neither the administration nor the people had foreseen such major losses and the development of Srinagar city had been in an unplanned way unmindful of the fact that water-bodies within the city may cause whopping havocs. Deforestation and least plan for storing/harnessing rain-water have also added fuel to the fire.
The catch-22 situation call for immediate unfolding of relief and rehabilitation measures and drafting of a detailed policy-document as to how these whopping losses can be prevented/minimized in future. Not only the construction of houses but the embankments of water-bodies need to be planned and systematized in planned way. Afforestation needs to be started on war-footing with an immediate ban on cutting of green trees.
Prominent among others who accompanied him in the tour included Vinu Jamwal, Swarnu, Kuldip Singh, Mohan Lal, Raghubir Singh, Munshi Ram and others.
Sd-/- (R.S.PATHANIA) Mo-09419212259.

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