Patient dies at GMC; Family alleges incompetency by doctors

Jammu May 23: Today evening, an elderly man Budhi Singh Manhas, a retired Subedar Major from Army, belonging to Chhamb Jourian, Akhnoor counted his last breath at GMC hospital here. Manhas was earlier taken to the Military Hospital in Akhnoor where he was denied admission by the authorities without reason.

From MH Akhnoor, Manhas was referred to GMC Jammu today where incidentally Health Minister Lal Singh was also on a visit. The family  of the patient alleges that since the minister was present at the hospital, there was not a single doctor around to attend to the elderly patient as every doctor was attending to the minister’s questions.

The family further allege that a nurse, who was backing up for the doctors administered faulty medicine along with glucose since the froth started coming out of the patient’s mouth just after the injection was administered.

The family members started looking for doctors and one female doctor came after forty-five minutes. The family said that the doctor confirmed the medicine had reacted. The family further added that the patient had died by this time but the doctors in any case took the patient onto a ventilator saying just to appease the family.

The family went on to complain to the Medical Superintendent but no action was taken. The family members said that when they lost cool, the present doctors started being boorish and even went on to saying things like, “He was 86 years old, why are you creating such a scene?”

After a series of protests by the Media, since an elderly dies just three days ago in a very similar case of negligence, the Head of Department, Medicine, Dr. Sushil was suspended.