In conversation with Aakanksha Mahajan,a 7 times gold medal winner






By Payal Jain

Aakanksha Mahajan, an ardent student of Jammu and Kashmir brought laurels to her family and teachers when she scored not one, not two but 7 straight gold medals, highest this year at the 14th convocation held at Jammu University,2014.She scored  the University gold medal, a Rukmani Devi Mirpuri Gold Medal, a Dr. J.R. Sethi Memorial Gold Medal, a Dr. Surbi Devi Sawhney Memorial Gold Medal, a Dr. Nanak Chand Memorial Gold Medal, a Nikhil Baru Memorial Gold Medal and a Virendar Goel Memorial Gold Medal.  Here we talk to her about her dedication, her motivation, her inspirations and her experience after being awarded generously by the President of India.


U4UVoice: How do you feel on winning seven gold medals at the recent Jammu University convocation?

Akanksha: It feels great, not for myself but for my parents and teachers who have been working hard with me all my life. It’s because of their guidance, support and blessings that I could see this day.

U4UVoice: Whom do you credit your success to?

Akanksha: First of all I would like to thank God for everything.I credit this to my family and teachers. My parents have been instrumental in shaping my career. They have always stood by me through my ups and downs.

U4UVoice: Do you think that social applications and technology dependence shift the focus of students from studies?

Akanksha: I think it all depends on a person. Technology can be a boon or a bane. It is because of this technology that today sitting in Jammu, we have access to information from across the world. We can read books online, shop, play games, connect with our distant friends. On the other hand, it is making us all dependent as well.

U4UVoice: Pranabh Mukherji said that the Indian Universities don’t even fall in top 200 universities of the world. Kindly comment.

Akanksha: Yes, we are not there yet but a lot of our students are studying in top universities of the world and are doing well. We also have many examples from the past . We Indians can reach the top, if we work hard.. As a country, we have the potential/ talent to be the best, the government must work on the infrastructure.

U4UVoice: What message do you want to give to your fellow students and the young students at school?

Akanksha: I would say make the best use of your school education that is the foundation on which your career is laid.I would like to wish them all the very best for their future.

U4UVoice: With elections round the corner in Jammu and Kashmir, how much is the importance of voting to the youth today?

Akanksha: By casting our vote we may not be able to get the best candidate elected but by not casting our votes, we improve the chances of unsuitable ones getting elected and so the youth must vote, it does matter .

U4UVoice: People often misinterpret that good students don’t distress themselves with activities like watching movies or chilling out with friends. Comment

Akanksha: Everyone likes to enjoy, and so do I. I enjoy painting, watching tv, net surfing, going out with my friends in my free time but being an mbbs student i would just say that time has got its own limits for us.

U4UVoice: Who is your role model?

Akanksha: My parents. I just copy their traits and try to be like them more and more.

U4UVoice: What expectations you have from the new government, the ‘Modi sarkar’?

Akanksha: My expectations are that this government should build infrastructure for students so that every child in this country gets to study and live up their dreams. Other than that, I wish they work towards reducing poverty, increasing safety for women, and building public infrastructure.

U4UVoice: Any teacher’s day message for some teacher who inspired you

Akanksha: I think teachers create all other professionals. It’s the hard work and guidance of our teachers that builds our foundation, gives us wings to dream and directs us to accomplish them. I would like to say thanks to my teachers n happy teachers day to them.