PDD appeals for judicious use of electrical appliances in prevailing hot weather

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Jammu:The J&K Power Development Department has appealed the general people to ensure judicious use of Air Conditioners and other electrical appliances to avoid excessive overloading on transformers and unscheduled power curtailment in the prevailing hot and humid climate in the region.

The department has also appealed the farmers to use water pumps for irrigation during night hours only when power demand of the region decreases. As per forecast, the weather is likely to improve within 24 hours and the power demand is likely to be normalized. The forced curtailment shall be withdrawn thereafter.

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Pertinently, the power demand of Jammu region specially in plains has increased significantly because of excessive use of cooling appliances like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Air Coolers etc and unabated use of pump sets by farmers due to shortfall of rains in Jammu region during the current Monsoon season and prevailing hot and humid weather during the last fortnight. This excessive load has resultantly caused overloading of the transformers at distribution, 33/11 KV Sub-Transmission as well as 220/132 KV Grid Stations which has compelled Power Development Department to resort to force unscheduled curtailments. At times, overload trappings are also observed at Grid Stations and Receiving Stations. Besides, Distribution Transformer damage rate has also increased as compared to previous month.

However, in spite of hard circumstances the damaged transformers in the Jammu City area are being replaced within 24 hours and within 2 days in rural areas. Moreover, as per Load Dispatch Centre Data the Power Development Department is supplying about 10% more power energy as compared to previous year.

The general public is once again appealed to co-operate with the department so that quality and uninterrupted power supply is ensured to them.