PDD department only eager to take action against any delay in the payment of bill


By Citizen Journalist Manik Gupta


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The increasing power crisis in the Jammu region has been affecting almost all the major areas. The concerned authorities from PDD should take early measures  to restore burnt transformers and the increasing crisis in Gandhi Nagar as well as the other adjoining areas. Power cuts in summers are understandable with the load of air conditioners but such botheration in winters has been troubling every body in the region. The authorities have been approached many a time but they have turned a deaf ear to our woes. Even the ongoing protests have not moved them a bit.

During the campaigns the authorities assure being responsible but later when required, all our appeals get rejected. The authorities are not responsive to our complaints on telephones and sometimes even the registered complaints go unnoticed. Recurrent power cuts are being faced even in the fully metered areas. The PDD department is too eager to take  quick action against any violation of rule or any delay in the payment of bills for that matter, but when it comes to the problems we are made to face because of their neglect, no government, no authority pays attention. The department returns our appeals with just neglect and poor response. Gandhi Nagar has over 2500 transformers and if the matter is taken to higher authorities, they can even  provide us with our own equipments and skilled labour to help us get rid of this trouble.

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