PDD Green Belt division charges man Rs 172571 for zero units


Jammu, 19 March: The PDD has done it again. An electricity bill for the month of February and due on 12 March has become the talk of the town. A resident of Gorkha Basti Bahu Fort Jammu has been sent a bill of Rs 1,72,571 for consumption of a total of zero units. Check it out yourself.

1 Lakh Bill

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Just  four months ago a man belonging to Talab Tillo in Jammu had received a bill of 34 Crores and all for a fault of the PDD which had later accepted error.

The problem remains the same, due to these ‘unintentional’ human errors, many a time unsuspecting individuals do end up paying small elevations in their bills.

Granted, that the bills generated by the Electricity department do not usually throw up such instances but smallest human error of the engineer or the lineman who visits your place for the monthly meter reading or of the computer operator can definitely move a few hundreds to thousands around in your monthly bill. Most people do not question the bill that they receive and a few hundreds here and there are not questioned.

For a mistake by the clerical staff or the engineer in the entry of the meter-reading, the department can make a huge amount of money from the lakhs and lakhs of families in Jammu division alone.

There is still no fool proof method in place to check these small errors.