Why the law makers are never questioned for violating the rules meant for everybody?


The PDD Department, Parade, Jammu is the State Government Department responsible for all functions and regulation of electricity in and around the city. The Electrical sub division office is where the monthly electricity bills are generated. They have been issuing tenders preaching against the limitless usage of electricity. The recently issued tenders also prohibit the use of heaters so as to save electricity. But clearly the law makers themselves are violating the laws.

Electrical Sub division office
Electricity being used for no reason









I had gone there to inquire about my electricity bill last week and I was appalled at the reckless use of electricity in the office itself. I observed that every desk was provided with a heater, which we are told to avoid or at least restrict. In one corner, three desks were empty as the officials were not present there at the moment, but the heaters were left on. They did not return for over twenty minutes but nobody seemed to care they how much of electricity they were wasting themselves.


Heaters are on while the official is not present at the desk


These state government department never hesitates to add extra charges if the electricity usage crosses the given limit but they are blind towards their own reckless use of electricity which must beIMG-20150206-WA0005 happening on a regular basis. They have free provision hence they don’t seem to care but when one of us goes a little beyond the limit they take no time to pile us up with extra charges for violating the given limit. I want to question the government if that is fair in any aspect. The rules are meant to be followed by everybody, be it the law makers or us. But if the law makers themselves are disregarding the rules meant for everybody, we have the right to raise our voice and question. Either they should keep a check on the usage of electricity in the department itself or should charge them if they too cross a certain limit.