PDD once again fails the state, 100 per cent metering, 24 hour power to remain a distant dream

The Power Development Department like always has not been able to change the way it works, and despite multiple complaints, and intervention from highest quarters in government has failed to solve the problem of power shortage, pilferage, and loss of voltage. This is despite the fact that power meters have been installed in urban areas in Jammu and Srinagar which the PDD claimed would resolve all the problems related to power shortage, cuts, and low voltage. However despite the passage of the Electricity Power Act 2010 which made it clear that meters must be installed within 2 years, the department has not been able to ensure 100 per cent metering. In fact the law states that there could no new connection without a meter but all this has been thrown to the winds as for the officials it is more lucrative to violate law than implement it.

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