PDD plan to meter entire J&K is fine, but what about 24- hour power supply, checking power theft

Image Courtesy - HT

Although the Power Development Department in the state has announced that it will compete hundred per cent metering in the state by March 31, 2016 it should also take up the job of ensuring 24-power supply to the people who keep suffering due to power cuts round the year. Jammu in particular suffers because of the erratic power supply despite the fact that the city pays more for power than the entire state combined.

Apart from metering the power the PDD will also have to check the rampant theft of power which often happens because of the collusion of it’s own officials with vested interests. It is commendable that PDD has reiterated commitment to metering, and said that it will seek funds from the state, centre, and even approach the state legislature. But it is imperative to understand that just metering will not solve the problem but the department has to ensure that power thefts stop, and this is most difficult aspect of their job as thousands of pockets get lined due to the leakages in the system. It remains to be seen how these meters can help the department unless there is a strong will and intention to cut corruption, and pilferage. Otherwise procurement and commissioning of these meters itself is going to be another scam in the making.

PDD has formulated a comprehensive plan to meter the entire state under two new schemes, and the funds would be made available under these heads. The deadline to complete this job is March 31, 2016.
The department has already initiated process to set up meter testing laboratories, and one private company had already bagged the contract.

While metering the entire state is welcome but the need is to stop theft, and reward those paying for power whereas to punish the vested interests who want consumers to keep stealing power, and paying the bribes.


Image Courtesy – HT