PDD’s stunning piece of art is waiting to kill someone

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Citizen Journalist Report by CJ Madhav Gupta

The Power Department of the State has been denounced a number of times. In an another episode from the Miran Sahib area, the department’s carelessness has been brought to the fore once again.

An electricity pole, that stands right in the middle of the road that connects Tutre village to Tali Morh, is posing a great threat to the locals. The residents of the area have urged the authorities to move the pillar from the center of the road to a side. The locals have also highlighted the fact that the pole carries a live high-tension wire. The high intensity of electricity may prove hazardous since the road is quite a busy one.
This particular road is also poorly lit due to which many are not able to locate this stunning piece of art and often slam into it.
The locals have complained many number of times to the Electricity Department about their situation and the potential danger that the pole is, but the officials have turned a blind ear to all their requests. The Department is waiting for some major mishap before they actually do something about it.
Meanwhile the locals have resolved to demonstrations if no action is taken immediately.
On the other hand, the area AEE, Sanjeev Pal, of the Power Department has confirmed that no petition from the locals has reached their office. He further added that only after the locals give in a signed application work will be started right away.


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