PDP aiming for peace and progress, BJP for national interest and political righteousness- is this dual ideology leading the state forward?



By Pawas Verma

The coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir has completed a month and a half and the events that have followed the formation of alliance have just given bleak clues about the future of the state. The partners are still not heading in unison. The partnership with dual ideology, which seemed to have settle down the differences is apparently still struggling at each step.

The PDP leaders in their own perception are doing everything right. CM Mufti has effortlessly created the right atmosphere for India Pakistan reconciliation talk, which has been the core demand of their agenda. From the administration overhaul to the rejuvenation of tourism in the valley, from tackling with the flood-like situation promptly to not let it breach to the revival of numerous departments, the PDP is making everything move in the right direction. Peace and progress is apparently the ultimate aim of their approach.


BJP, the less prominent partner, is trying to move forward in the direction of national interest and political righteousness. The party made the PDP withdraw the circular asking for the hoisting of the state flag alongside the Tricolor, took forward the idea of settling Kashmiri Pandits and has been trying to promote nationalism in the fragmented state despite mustering criticism from the PDP as well as the opposition parties.

But are these narratives reflecting the ground reality? The current scenario is cleverly hiding the bitter truth that the governance has suffered in the state immensely, and so have the people. The political parties have worked less for the state’s development and more for safeguarding their provincial interests. In J&K, the damage has been inevitable amid the triggering of communalism, regionalism and  parochialism. The result? Immeasurable political vaccum. None of the successive governments did anything for the whole of the state and rather chose to indulge in the promotion of regional sentiments. Unfortunately the people were not delivered with the kind of governance they wished for.

The current scenario seems equally inflicted with the same disease the parties have suffered with, in the past. Every issue is getting twisted and pushed in direction of politico-religious debate, the radicals are occupying more and more space in this tolerant atmosphere, the ambiguous state of terrorism and anti-national elements in the state, imbalanced administration, empty coffers and the widely differing partnership  is adding to the grave future of the state. The varying approaches can be moulded and reversed in favour of people’s interest if contemplated well, the time is ripe.

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