PDP arm twists BJP to make concessions, now Modi waiting to meet Mehbooba


Ram Madhav, Mehbooba MuftiWith BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav meeting Mehbooba Mufti, the process of government formation has started albeit slowly in Jammu and Kashmir, and there is buzz on the ground that the PDP chief might meet PM Modi soon. Madhav is supposed to have told the Prime Minister, and BJP chief that talks with Kashmir based party had been fruitful, and on expected lines.

Madhav also told the BJP high command about the demands of the PDP, and its expectations from the central government. Although the talks have been on right track but sources said that there is no consensus on when a meeting between Mehbooba, and PM modi coul;d be scheduled. PDP leaders said that they are expecting some special announcements on Jammu and Kashmir in the budget, and once this happens the high level meeting will be held.

It is most likely that BJP arm twisted by the PDP will announce the handover of a couple of power projects to the state, and some major sops for the unemployed. However, there has been no consensus on the revocation of AFSPA in two districts of Jammu and Kashmir on pilot basis. The PDP leadership also seems to have realized that it would be better to form the government with BJP rather going for fresh polls.

While PDP has managed to impress people with its strong arm tactics, the BJP on other hand has failed to impress the electorate, and if elections happen right now, it might be the biggest loser. BJP watchers say that the party should try and win over the confidence of people remaining in power but it should not make so many compromises that it might fail to win in its own bastion.

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